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My name is Martin Pullmann and I am pedant... This quality doesn't affect only in loving the order, but it also affect my work. I love details and that is why I do my job as best as I can and as long as possible. I like art - music, photography and pictures. From a young devotee I become a person who can say "I have an experience in this" through lot of work.
I do web development because I like to play with graphics and design to proove myself what all we can do with a website and a webdesign. My attitude towards grahics and webdesign is professional and all I create have to be perfect, otherwise I am not satisfied with the work.
Besides graphics and webdesign I like to work with photography. When taking a photography I look at things in a little bit different way than other people do and I pay attention to details. I like macro photography, panoramatic photos and any idea which brings extraordinarity into photography. My photos but also my other graphical works can be found at or you can browse few of them directly in sectio photography.

Curriculum Vitae

Full name:
Martin Pullmann
Date of birth:
7. Feb. 1986
Marital status:
Rap sheet:
No records in the rap sheet
2001 - 2005: Piaristické gymnázium Jozefa Braneckého (High school) in Trenčín
1995 - 2001: Základná škola sv. Jozefa (Primary school) in Nové Mesto n./V.
1992 - 1995: IV. Základná škola (Primary school) in Nové Mesto n./V.
school leaving exam: Math(lv. B, mark 2), SVK Lg.(lv. B, mark 1), ENG Lg.(lv. A, mark 2), IT(lv. A, mark 2), Economics(lv. B, mark 1);
driving license B type;
First Certificate in English issued by Cambridge
'Applied economics' certificate, issued by Junior Achievement SR;
basic course for 'Children groups leaders', issued by eRko-HKSD;
since March 2008 in QualityUnit s r.o. as an IT support (in English language);
2006 - 2008 Cooperation with JA SR as an animator for weekend competitions;
in 2004 (for 6 months) as vicepresident for marketing in €ommunity š.s;
board of directors member for 'children and youth association NODAM' since 2007;
2001-2005 as an animator of children groups (for NODAM and eRko-HKSD);
Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point;
Gold Wave, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape;
more than 2 years as a webmaster for;
Programming skills:
Basics: object Pascal (Delphi), JavaScript, JAVA, C++
running, hiking, video, music, dance, friends